Hi guys: On Saturday Feb 16, 2013 I was at the Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo at the Pickering Recreation Complex it was from 11am - 4pm and the admission was $3 for each person. It got to interview Mandy Smiles, she is the Events and Volunteer Programmer for the cityofpickering.com Thank you Ms. Smile for the talk. There were vendors

and they had cool things to show and sell. I got also got to talk to Barb from Pickering Museum village Heritage gardening group. She talked to me about seeds and plants. I didn't have any seeds to exchange but she gave me some anyway. Here is what I learned from Ms Barb. She said that the orange and yellow calendula sprout very beautifully but in the summer you have to take out all the seeds because if you don't, they will loose their colour. She also said that if you forget one. It will plant by itself. Thank you Ms Barb for the seeds and the lesson.

I also checked out the kids corner. I got to colour a picture and I got the fixing to start a plant from seeds. You can do that too at home too. Check out my video for the details. Here is what you need to have first...a zip lock bag, seeds, one sheet of paper towel, 60 mls or 1/4 cup of water.

Please check out this cool link for the Pickering Museum Village http://www.pickering.ca/en/museum.asp It had a great time. Peace and Love Brooke

Please check out my video to see our interview here.


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