Hi guys: Today my dad and I did the Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim to Win Challenge. We rolled up 66 cups. This contest is available in Canada and the USA. How does the contest work? You just have to buy a coffee or hot chocolate and under each rim is a chance to win. This year we had 2 chances for each cup.

There were over $500,000 prizes to be won. The prizes to be won were Toyota Corolla, $5000 dollar pre paid visa gift cards, LG OLED TV's, 100 Tim Horton's gift cards, coffee and donuts. I thought that it would be fun to roll up a bunch of cups at once. It started with 1 cup then before we knew it we had 66 cups. So that meant I had 132 chances to win something! Whoohoo! Knowing that I would actually something.


I wanted to capture the excitement for whatever I won on video. So watch my video to see what we won. :)

If you want to find out more about Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim to Win. Check out their website. https://www.rolluptherimtowin.com/en

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